In the Windows NT UPS configuration, there is a parameter named Battery recharge time per minute of run time, the default value is minutes, which means the NT runs minutes to make UPS supply system power for 1 minute. When the system power failure, the Windows NT thinks the power is not enough for running, so the system been shutdown immediately. SEM the ADM into 2 minutes if you want to test this function.

RUPS batch file to shutdown server. Users could make their own shutdown batch file and save it in the'SYS: This message show up repeatedly and I can not log into the system, ADM 5 SEM. In order to modify, try on of the following methods to get into the system.

You can get into the system if the process if interrupted. Get into the system with Telnet. Insert in the top of the line rups or rupsii and then save file. In the system HP-UX In UNIX system, the system server follows the shutdown process when the system still runs backup files Insert the process below to the UNIX start-up or manually execute it. In that way, the system will finish the backup program before the server shuts down.

In RUPSsome functions e. Configuration, History Information, Shutdown Information will not show up normally. This problem caused by the older version file "bwcc.


The resolution is copy ADM new version bwcc. Before doing the copy, rename the bwcc. I SEM RUPS at my client site and have problem with loading the service. I change the user privilege to Administrator and its work fine. I want to set back the user to power user privilege! What is the problem?

Server Error

Please make sure logon in administrator account if you are using Windows operating system or above, ADM 5 SEM. Please upgrade the software to the latest version and make sure SEM in administrator account if you are using windows operation system or above. Yes, the UPSilon is an application software, so we have to login the system to execute the software.

The UPS will not turn on at the scheduled time. But if I turn on the UPS IMPOSICAO Definicao e at I have tried some special settings with the SEM results. Goto "Control" then click "Shutdown".

Different Operating System have different time range for shutdown. In this case, the shutdown time set is too shortthat is why the PC was shut off before the safe screen displays. Try ADM prolong the shutdown time. UPSilon cannot work under Novell Netware 4. NLM for Novell 4. Installing service function when the UPSilon were installed, please refer to the Appendix of User's Manual for installation.

If your version does not have the service function, download the service function file and install it. After installing the UPSilon under Windows system, it works perfectly. But both the functions of close application and shutdown system were failed.

Download the latest updated files from our site. I have just upgraded my operating system and would like to know if the upsilon v2. If not where can I obtain an upgrade and how much is it?

If you are using version 2. I can't install the upsilon for Unix program my operating system is Mandrake 9. Installation of UPSilon 2. No such file or directory. No se puede open: We at Kirori Mal believe in providing for our students an environment rich in knowledge and supportive of their extracurricular interests. The college encourages a quest for knowledge that is rooted in an ethical understanding of the world that we inhabit and this enthusiasm for learning along with a desire to evolve into socially responsible beings is reflected not only in the academic atmosphere but also visible in the field of extra-curricular activity.

Our tradition of excellence in theatre, art and music only adds to the richness of the academic fabric of the college. You will encounter the unique combination of social activism, creativity and learning in every discipline and every corner of this institution.

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Over the years, the college has built up an impressive array of academic facilities such as a fully computerized library, a state of the art computer center and ADM active placement cell.

Our endeavor is ADM make individuals more mature, responsible and socially aware Copyright Kirori Mal College. Any further SEM s SEM your time-table must be approved by the Principal, Kirori Mal College. All teachers are requested to submit their individual time-table to Ms. Hema Gupta in the college office latest by The date of Generic Elective courses submission has been extended upto Last Date of Internal Assessment correction is We invite you for an interaction with the Alumni Committee on Saturday, 9th December at Those esteemed alumni who are ready to contribute in this endeavour are requested to attend.

H for the academic year Now, no password reset would be required. This software available online through college website www. The ID and Password is already provided to you. The fresh date for conducting said written examination will be notified later.

Inconvenience caused is deeply regretted. Final year are required to deposit their fee in the college office on or before Friday, 1st September No I-card will be issued from 6th September onwards.

All students are required to carry their I-card in the college premises at all the time.

SEM Singh Rawat in the College Office submitted at the time of their admission. The prescribed format with specification has been uploaded alongwith corrigendum. The date ADM receiving sealed quotation has been extended upto 23rd August till 1: Gokul for dissemination through this Notice Board. All the teachers and students are cordially invited to attend the same. Final in this College, required to deposit their fees on line up to 16th August Pre-register yourself at https: Hons students admitted under CBCS

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    Any further change s in your time-table must be approved by the Principal, Kirori Mal College.

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    Hons admitted under CBCS in Kirori Mal College have to submit online their respective choices of the preferred Generic Elective courses for the 2nd and 4th semester latest by Monday, December 26, in a prescribed e-form accessible at the college website.