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The effect was consistent across cultures: And the effect was limited to women. When males were asked to rate the attractiveness of a pictured male, color made no difference in their responses. Across all the studies, the influence of color was totally under the radar.

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In earlier work, Elliot documented that men are more attracted to women in red. But the red effect depends on the context. Elliot and others have also shown that seeing red in competitive situations, such as IQ tests or sporting events, leads to worse performance. Gramzow, University of Southampton; Markus A.

Red without substance is a phony attraction August 19, Analise Examiner Wearing red makes men more attractive to women, U of Rochester study says August 18, Canada Globe and Mail Red: Chicago Sun Times Study the five senses of seduction Pesquisa 11, CNN Women prefer men Analise red, study shows August 6, Dominion Post Women find men in red more appealing August 9, Globe and Mail Red is hot on both sexes, Analise de pesquisa, Analise for different reasons August 6, Globe and Mail Want to be a chick magnet?

Try wearing red August 9, Red pesquisa us September 5, University Of Pesquisa Study August 5, Study August 3, Vacaville Reporter Flaming Red: Women find the color a sign of status, money and power August 19, Located in Rochester, N.

Try wearing red August 9, Journalism. The data described below covers only the random sample sourced from open source repositories on GitHub. Percentages are rounded and may not always sum to Documentation helps orient newcomers: Improving that documentation is an impactful way to contribute back to open source.

Open source brings together people from all over the world, which can lead to conflicts. While serious incidents are rare, the public nature of open source makes negative interactions highly visible.

As a result, discouraging effects can extend far beyond the individuals directly involved. Setting positive expectations of behavior, and addressing negative incidents quickly, can improve contributor retention and collaboration.

Open source provides the basis for technology that serves the entire world. In some ways, the diversity of the user base is reflected or even exceeded among open source contributors, but in other ways there are still huge gaps in representation.

Improving project accessibility could help unlock many more contributions, ensure that technology serves a comprehensive set of use cases and needs, and contribute to better representation in technology jobs.

Open source is widely used in professional contexts. The majority of employed respondents use and contribute to open source at work, and many people cite their open source work as important to getting their current job. Businesses play a key role in open source by subsidizing open source work from employees, so creating and communicating clear policies can encourage more frequent, regular contributions. Security matters when choosing new software, and most users believe that open source is more secure, on average, than proprietary software.

When it comes to stability or user experience, users are less convinced of the superiority of open source. Even so, most are committed to open source, and always seek out open source options.

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The data and questionnaire are released under CC See the repository for important information about privacy, citation, and trademarks. Download the data About the survey Pesquisa goals In today's digital world, Analise source software powers nearly all of our modern society and economy. Understanding the people who build, maintain, and use these projects is important to anyone concerned about the sustainability of open source, and the critical network of services and technologies that depend on it.

This survey was designed to provide high quality data on a range of topics that improve understanding of open source communities, and inform future research:. We focused on selecting topics that provide actionable insights and open new avenues of research, including:.

Where possible, we adapted questions from other studies, to allow for comparisons with other populations.

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