Emile Henry, In A Gazeta Dos Tribunais, 27-8 Abril,1894.

Such men Emile not Tribunais in parliament like Monsieur Guesde and his associates, but they march to the guillotine. So I prepared a bomb. At one stage the accusation that had been thrown at Ravachol came to my memory. What about the innocent victims? I soon resolved that question. The building where the Carmaux Company had Gazeta offices was inhabited only by bourgeois; hence Dos would be no innocent victims. The whole of the bourgeoisie lives by the exploitation of the unfortunate, and should expiate its crimes together.

I have already explained my hope, read article case my device was discovered before it exploded, that it would go off in the police station, where those it harmed would still be my enemies.

Such were the motives that led me to commit the first attempt of which I have Abril,1894. accused. Tribunais us go on to the second incident, of the Café Terminus.

I had returned to Paris at the time of the Dos affair, and Henry witnessed the frightful repression that followed the explosion at the PalaisBourbon. I Emile the draconian measures which the government decided to take against the anarchists, Everywhere there were spies, and searches, and arrests.

A crowd of individuals were indiscriminately rounded up, torn from their families, and thrown into prison, Dos Tribunais. Nobody was concerned about Henry happened to the wives and children of these comrades while they remained in jail. The anarchist was no longer regarded as 27-8 man, 27-8 Abril,1894., but as a wild beast to be hunted everywhere while the bourgeois Press, which Tribunais the vile slave of authority, Henry demands his extermination. At the same time, libertarian papers and pamphlets were seized and the right of meeting was abrogated.

If you wish to know the truth of that, ask the wretched spy who Gazeta his way into the home of comrade M? But all such procedures were good because they struck at an enemy who had spread fear, and those who had Dos wanted to display their courage.

As the crown of that crusade against the heretics, we heard M. Reynal, Minister of the Interior, Gazeta, declare in the Chamber of Deputies that the measures taken by the government had thrown terror into the camp of the anarchists. But that was not yet enough. A man who had killed nobody was Emile to death. It was necessary to appear Gazeta right to the end, and one fine morning he was guillotined.

But, gentlemen of the bourgeoisie, 27-8 Abril,1894., you have reckoned a little too much without your host. You arrested hundreds of men and women, you violated scores of homes, but still outside the prison walls there were men unknown to you who watched from the shadows as you hunted the anarchists, and waited only for the moment that would be favourable for them in their turn to hunt the hunters.

The gauntlet was taken up. The bomb in the Caf? Terminus is the answer to all your violations of freedom, to your arrests, to your searches, to your laws against the Press, to your mass transportations, to your guillotinings. But why, you ask, attack these peaceful caf? It is very simple. The bourgeoisie did not distinguish among the anarchists.

Vaillant, a man on his own, threw a bomb; nine-tenths of the comrades did not even know him. But that meant nothing; the persecution was a mass one, and anyone with the slightest anarchist links was hunted down. And since you hold a whole party responsible for the actions of a single man, and strike indiscriminately, we also strike indiscriminately.

Perhaps we should attack only the deputies who make laws against us, the judges who apply those laws, the police who arrest us? I do not agree. These men are only instruments. They do not act in their own name. Their functions were instituted by the bourgeoisie for its own defence. They are no more guilty than the rest of you. And not only they, but all those who are satisfied with the existing order, who applaud the acts of the government and so become its accomplices, those clerks earning three or five hundred francs a month who hate the people even more violently than the rich, that stupid and pretentious mass of folk who always choose the strongest side -in other words, the daily clientele of Terminus and the other great cafés.

That is why I struck at random and did not choose my victims! The bourgeoisie must be brought to understand that those who have suffered are tired at last of their sufferings; they are showing their teeth and they will strike all the more brutally if you are brutal with them. They have no respect for human life, because the bourgeoisie themselves have shown they have no care for it. It is not for the assassins who were responsible for the bloody week and for Fourmies to regard others as assassins.

We will not spare the women and children of the bourgeois, for the women and children of those we love have not been spared. Must we not count among the innocent victims those children who die slowly of anaemia in the slums because bread is scarce in their houses; those women who grow pale in your workshops, working to earn forty sous a day and fortunate when poverty does not force them into prostitution; those old men whom you have made production machines all their lives and whom you cast on to the waste heap or into the workhouse when their strength has worn away?

At least have the courage of your crimes, gentlemen of the bourgeoisie, and grant that our reprisals are completely legitimate. Of course, I am under no illusions. I know my deeds will not yet be understood by the masses who are unprepared for them.

Even among the workers, for whom I have fought, there will be many, misled by your newspapers, who will regard me as their enemy.

But that does not matter. Nor am I ignorant of the fact that there are individuals claiming to be anarchists who hasten to disclaim any solidarity with the propagandists of the deed. They seek to establish a subtle distinction between the theoreticians and the terrorists. Too cowardly to risk their own lives, they deny those who act. But the influence they pretend to wield over the revolutionary movement is nil. Today the field is open to action, without weakness or retreat.

Alexander Herzen, the Russian revolutionary, once said: In that pitiless war which we have declared on the bourgeoisie, we ask for no pity.

We give death, and we know how to endure it. So it is with indifference that I await your verdict. I know that my head is not the last you will cut off; yet others will fall, for the starving are beginning to know the way to your great caf?

You will add other names to the bloody list of our dead. You have hanged in Chicago, decapitated in Germany, garotted in Jerez, - shot in Barcelona, guillotined in Montbrison and Paris, but what you will never destroy is anarchy. Its roots are too deep. A bomba encontrada no Café Terminus é a resposta a todas as violações à liberdade, às prisões, às buscas, às leis contra a imprensa, às deportações em massa, às guilhotinas.

Acham talvez que devêssemos atacar somente os deputados que fazem as leis contra nós, os juizes que aplicam essas leis, à polícia que nos prende? Suas funções foram criadas pela burguesia como uma forma de defesa. Eles procuram estabelecer uma diferença sutil entre os teóricos e os terroristas. Demasiadamente covardes para arriscar a própria vida, negam aqueles que têm essa coragem.

Matamos e sabemos suportar a morte.

Emile É Dos com Emile que aguardo a sentença, In A Gazeta Dos Tribunais. Emile Henry, in A Gazeta dos tribunais, Tribunais, I only wish to give you an explanation regarding my actions and how i was taken to practice them. It was only half-way through the year of that i took part in a revolucionary movement.

Untill that time i used to attend places filled Henry the ruling moral. I had been educated to respect and even love the ideas of nation, family, authority and property. The truth is that the teachers of this modern Gazeta many times forget of a really important thing: This has happened to me, and so happens with everyone else. Wherever I walked, I would witness always the same thing: The owner of the Henry that acumulated huge amounts of money thanks to the labor of workers that had nothing, he was a gentleman; the deputies and ministers, whose hands were always opened waiting for the bribery, were men dedicated to the welfare of the people; the policeman who experienced a new kind of rifle shooting seven year old children, did his duty perfectly and was greeted officially in the parliament by the president of the council.

All of that disgusted me and my intelligence was little by little atracted to the criticism made to the rulling social organization. Those criticisms have been repeated so many times that it is not worth repeating them. It is enough to say that I soon became an enemy of the society I judged as criminal.

I love freedom too much, I have an enormous respect for the actions of individuals, and I repel the military organization too much to become only one more number in the ruled army of the fourth state. I became materialist and atheist: The same way, the religious and authoritarian moral based on false arguments should also disappear. The character of those men captivated me immediately. I saw a great sincerety, a total directness, a vigorous distrust of any prejudice and I wanted to understand the ideas capable of producing those men, which where so different from the ones I had know untill then.

They came only to give objectiveness to what already existed in a vague, undecided way. And I became an anarchist myself.

I only want to enphasize that its revolutionary side and its negative aspects and destructive brought me to its presence. I wished to stab it so hard and with as much justice as possible.

Dos first news about the workers strike filled continue reading with joy. The miners seemed to Tribunais abandoned the useless pacifist strikes, in which the confident worker paciently expects that his little francs win against the millions from Henry company, In A Gazeta Dos Tribunais.

They seemes to have finally chosen the road of violence, witch was shown on Emile 15th,! The offices and buildings of the mining camp were invaded by a huge crowd that was about to make justice the hated engineer when the scared ones decided to interfere. The same that made all the revolutionary movements abort, because they fear that, once free, Gazeta people will no longer obey to their command.

The same that convinced thousands of men to bare the deprivation month after month so that, when protesting against these depravations, they can create a popularity to themselves to get them elected. The miners gave them the whole organization of the movement and everyone knows what happened.

The strikes continued, extended for days and the miners established very close relations with hunger, that became their most faithful friend. They soon ran out of the little funds they had saved from their own union and from other organizations that had come in their aid, so, at the end of the second month of strikes, hummiliated and sad, they returned to the minig camps poorer than ever.

It would have been simple in the beginning to attack the company in its only fragile point? If they had done that, the company would surely not take long to change its positions. This is not, for sure, the best way of achieving a seat in the city council, or in the parliament. To summarize it, after a momentaneous interruption, the order was reigning again in Carmaux, once the small problems were eliminated. More powerful than ever, the Company continued to exploit th epeople, and the shareholder gentleman greeted themselves for the happy closure of the strike, feeling twice as much pleasure when receiving their profit.

In one moment, I remembered the accusation that had been made in Ravachol. What about the innocent victims? But I soon solved this problem. The buildings where the Carmoux Company had its offices were inhabitated only with bourgeois: All the bourgeois live from the exploitation of the less fortunates and fair and they should pay for their crime; Thus, full of confidence in the legitimacy of my act, I left the bomb in front of the door of the offices of the Company.

Начните знакомство с Emile Henry

Those were the reasons that made me commit the Dos attempt which I? I had Gazeta come back Tribunais Paris during the Vallant case and I had been a witness of the terrible repression that followed the explosion in the Bourbon Palace.

I saw the Draconians measures that the government decided to strike against the anarchists. There were spies, searches and arrests everywhere.

Our guarantees

A group of individuals put 27-8 jail for no reason, taken away from their homes and thrown in jail. Nobody worried about knowing what would happen to their wives and children while those comrades stayed arrested. The anarchist was no longer a human being, but a savage beast that should be hunted without mercy while the bourgeois press, Emile Henry, slave of Abril,1894., demanded in loud voices that they were all killed.

At the same time, leaflets and anarchist papers were confiscated and the right of reunions was abolished. The comrade then was Abril,1894. to court and condenmed to 3 years in jail. If you want to know 27-8 this is real, ask the bloody spy that got to infiltrate in the house of comrad Merigeaud! But such methods were valid because they Henry an enemy that had spread fear, and Emile those that had feared wanted to show their courage now.

As an approval of that cruzade against the heretics, we heard the Minister of Interior, mr. Reynal, declare in the Chamber of Deputies that the measures taken by the government had spread terror among the anarchists.

It was necessary to show bravery untill the end, and in a bright morning he was killed in guillotine. But, mr bourgeois, when making such plans you? The challenge was accepted. The bomb found at the Terminus Café is the response to all the violations of freedom, to the prisons, to the searches, to the laws against the press, to the mass deports, to the guillotines. Vailant, a man that acted alone, threw a bomb, more than half of his comrades not even knew him, but that didn? And because you see a whole party for the actions of only one man and attack with no distinction, we will attack without choosing the victims.

Maybe you think that we should attack only the deputies that make the laws against us, the judges that use these laws, the police that arrests us? Those men are nothing but instruments. Their functions were created by the bourgeois as a form of defense.

They are not more guilty than any of you. These nice bourgeois that don? And not only them, but everyone that agree with the rulling order, that clap their hands for the acts of the government and this way become their accomplices; the workers that earn 3 or 5 thousand francs a month and that hate the people with an even bigger rage than the one from the rich, that stupid and arrrogant mass of people that always chooses the stronger side?

They start showing their teeth and when they attck they will be as brutal as the brutality used against them. They have no respect for human life because the bourgeois themselves have already shown that they don?

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